Physics and Physical Chemistry of Foods goes to Singapore and Indonesia!

As part of our training in the PhD trajectory, the group organises a biennial study trip to universities and companies of interest. The purpose of this exchange is to share knowledge, gain experience, broaden scientific networks and stimulate collaborations with other researchers.

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The Laboratory of Physics and Physical Chemistry of Foods

Physics and Physical Chemistry of Foods integrates physics, meso-structure design and development, and application-driven research, to enable innovations more effectively.

We aim to:

  • deliver fundamental knowledge, new mesostructures, and application concepts, for academic partners, industry and society;
  • to educate students to apply such integration in their future careers.

Our focus is on the mesoscale in relation to the molecular and macroscopic scale.

 Application areas refer to:

  • function (texture, taste, smell, colour, nutrient delivery);
  • context (processing, transport, storage, consumption, digestion);
  • requirements (sustainability, safety, ingredient availability, reasonable cost).

Please visit the website of the Laboratory of Physics and Physical Chemistry of Foods for more information.